A modern engineered, TESTED, patents pending, pivoting, pole or flat surface mounted banner system

Ban”45” means it pivots 45 degrees to either side to deflect and re-direct the force of high winds off the banner.

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Since 1992

Ban45 Three Quarter Top

Pivots 45 degrees to either side to deflect wind forces.

Ban45 3 Degrees

When mounted on street pole, the Ban45™ angles up the fiberglass pole approximately 3 degrees so that when you mount your banner, it will be tight from top to bottom.

The problem: Global warming is creating more frequent high damaging winds all over the planet.

And high winds are occurring in places that never had them before. Streetlight pole mounted banners are subject to tearing and damage from these high winds.

It takes just 1 high wind event to tear or blow off your banners, break poles and shake and potentially damage the streetlights.

Ban45 Basic Banner Ripped

Fixed, non-pivoting holders.

Non Pivoting banner holders

Non Pivoting banner holders can allow winds to tear your banner up

Fixed, non-pivoting banner holders capture high winds like a sail or parachute, potentially tearing banner, breaking poles, or shaking and damaging the streetlight.

The Solution:

Ban45™ pole banner mounting system is designed to pivot away from the force of the wind, to deflect wind forces starting at about 40 mph, to a full pivot of approx.. 45 degrees at 50 mph+. As soon as the wind subsides, the Ban45's springs bring it back to center.
Ban45™ helps preserve your banners and banner poles in high winds and reduce stresses to the streetlight poles.

You must see this video below:

See this amazing 62 second simulation video to see how Ban45 works

Compare to competitor's spring loaded banner pole holder:

Theirs: Pole and spring mechanism can flex severely inward in high winds, bowing in the banner, almost making the banner act like a parachute to “capture” more wind, despite pivoting.

Above: Competitor design allows inward flexing.

Below: Ban45™ Will Not Flex Inward

Our design has top and bottom supports to prevent inward flexing of the banner poles, keeping the banner as flat as possible to not capture wind like our competitor's device.

Ban45™ Has top and bottom supports to prevent inward pole flexing, keeping the banner as flat as possible as it pivots to deflect high winds. Design and Utility Patents Pending.

Top1 and bottom2 supports to prevent inward flexing. Patents Pending.

Below: Competitor item below has an unattractive long, projecting spring, sticks out, and is highly noticeable on street pole. And competitor has only 1 spring, so if spring breaks, unit may fail. And rough, old-fashioned sand cast parts.

BP Ban Saver Closeup Ugly

Competitor Devices above

Below: Ban45™ Short, compact dual spring system for a cleaner, more attractive appearance.


Stainless Steel5, tethered pole lock pin, easy to use and insert, no lost or dropped cotter pins when high up in a bucket truck .

Aggressively Pivot tested with over 500,000 movements, 250,000 pivots to each side, full 45 degrees, with no obvious weakening of the springs or other damage!

2Ban45™ uses the highest strength “pultruded” fiberglass rods,¾ inch diameter. Pultruded means the fiberglass fibers are arranged along the length of the pole for highest strength.

3Solid aluminum alloy construction, with a light grey outdoor rated powder coat that blends in with the streetlight.

4Ban45™ can also be bolted to a pole, a flat surface (we can supply bolts depending on your surface type and material).


Ban45™ is supplied with high strength stainless steel bands for attaching Ban45 to any 4 inch to 10 inch diameter poles, round or square. Custom length bands available. Ours are 3-4x stronger torque clamping strength.


We also have available, at extra cost, super high strength permanent tensioning and banding systems to use instead of the worm drive clamps.


Design and Utility Patents Pending.


Ban45™ Uses a custom made, smooth pivoting, solid stainless steel pivot bolt to hold the 2 springs.

Dual spring pivot system so that if 1 spring weakened or failed, the 2nd spring ensures continued pivoting performance.

Uses 2 custom made springs, powder coated grey, so if 1 spring breaks, the other one will keep unit pivoting properly.

Ban45™ Uses a custom made, solid stainless steel pin, tethered to unit, won't drop when high up in a bucket truck

Theirs: Rough, old-fashioned sand cast finish, not powder coated.

Above: 60 second animation of how Ban45™ is put together.

Features of Ban45™

Ban45's poles are all fitted with a permanently mounted simple and attractive UV rated ABS ball1 finials for a clean, finished look for your pole banner display. To mount banner, you’ll remove lock pin from the pole base and slip the non-ball end through pole pocket of banner and back into base. Two benefits for the Ball finial: Nice finished appearance and the ball will help prevent the banner from slipping off the end of the pole if zip ties at the base are forgotten. But, if you don't want the round ball finial, we can supply poles without that.
2 custom cut to your length pultruded white fiberglass poles, ¾ inch diameter, with cross drilled holes to attach to Ban45 base with included SS pin. BPBan45ShorterPole

Each Ban45™ pole banner kit consists of:

2 powder coated solid aluminum, high strength, fully assembled, pivoting base units with an integrated and tethered stainless steel pole pin. Patents Pending.
2 inch wide hook & loop pole fixing strap for each unit that makes it easy for 1 installer to position and hold the Ban45™ assembly on the street pole before affixing the SS straps. It easily removes or can be left in place. No more dropping unit or having to use electrical tape for temporary holds. A great installation aid! Patent Pending. See left.
4 custom made, rolled edge, high strength stainless steel hose clamps for affixing the Ban45™ assembly to a pole along with a tightening wrench. 4 required, can buy extras. Our clamps are 3-4 times stronger than the regular and quick release clamps used with other pole banner systems. Easy install with cordless drill, and we include wrench for final tightening.
Included: high strength, UV- rated, black zip ties to affix banner via grommet holes to Ban45™ base. Trim off excess length.
10 year warranty.

Other options/features:

All fiberglass poles are custom cut to the exact size of the banner you wish to display for a perfect fit!

Optional: We can install a pivot limiter that will control to how many degrees less than 45 degrees you'd like the banner to pivot. Purpose: Typically for lighter spring use, to prevent the banner from flexing all the way to 45 degrees. Patent Pending.

We can supply extra hose clamps or custom length clamps or mounting bolts, in addition to high torque permanent SS banding systems (below).

Sold separately: Tensioner Tool, 100 feet of ¾” wide stainless steel .030 thick strapping, stainless steel buckles.

Ban45™ can be branded/labeled on both sides of the base unit with your company name, etc.

We or you can add stickers/labels to these 6 surfaces for name, tel, private label name, etc. Details: Surface A (two sides) dimension: 3.75 inches max width, 1 inch max height. Surface B: (two sides) 1.125 max width, 1.5 inch max height. Surface C: 2.5 inch max width, 1.5 inch max height. Surface D if rectangle, 1.25 inch max width, 2 inch max height. Surface D if trapezoid: 1.25 inch max width at top, 2 inch max width at bottom, 2 inch max height.

We can supply any other parts and components for any part of the Ban45™, full factory support in Chicago, IL. We are a top-rated manufacturer since 1992.

Coming soon: Optional lighter strength springs that will allow the Ban45™ to flex in lighter winds, depending on the size of the banner display. You may want this to “get attention” to your banner, when it gently pivots to one side or the other in the lightest winds.

Comment on Wind Slits:

This is what wind slits can do, tear apart your banners until you’re left with empty poles.

Wind slits are no substitute for Ban45™. They don't reduce the wind forces on a banner. If fact wind slits cause additional vibration on the banner that transfers to streetlight pole, potentially causing even more damage. Cutting wind slits also damages the original integrity of the banner material. These slits weaken the material and may cause it to rip even quicker, especially under strong wind conditions. Use non-slitted banners with the Ban45™!

Coming soon, simulated hurricane level wind testing videos.